Rise of Andromeda (HE16)


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I scratch myself In silent poetry. They‘d say „yes“ To all my agony. In rubies I wash My body, Stripping it of all the Melody, That fuels my veins. The pearls strain My neck, With their weight Of empty words, That shine In the burning Sunlight. I melt Into liquid metal. The only form of softness Ever known to me. Flowing through The crevices, I burn those around me. Violently forcing them to soften. An antithesis Of emotional states Fueling my inner skeptic For when or how Have I made myself So vulnerable? I scratch myself I am THE silent poetry.
Unequal exchange Different rates No interest In income of information Finance of communication Profitable A capitalist of facts Profitting Materialistic values Hiding In immaterial Selling an idea of self In exchange For admiration. Our worlds are opposite sitting far from one another. Our words Torn apart In an unequal Exchange of feelings.
[The Sunset] An ultraviolet glow Of the setting sun. A zealous sorrow Born of blood. They feed my ego As I recede In a crying chant. A chant that flows Into the twilight And dissolves. [The Twilight] An endless battle For the reign Over the underground. The darkness wins. Layers of dullness Covering… [The Night] Black velvet Full of spark. A regal fabric Of the skies. Black velvet gliding Over the forest. The glass of the lake Reflecting its glory. The dullness of the night, It hides (owns its royalty)
Wild Rosemary, Resurrecting from your ashes Like a phoenix. On the fragile cliffs It roots itself Deep within the rotten flesh. Soft and tender skin It once used to be. Now it’s drowned deep In the bloody sierra Waters of the lake. It turns red As you descend In the liquid pyrite Like your face As he twists your neck And you wish she didn't die. In an eternal chase For women that Have never seen the light, Your legs will tremble In a senseless void. The blood of your enemies, That never ceased The chance to love Your extreme tendencies, Now stains your gloves. And the bodies drown In a pyrite mud Of your wedding gown. The silks they flood Our human serenity, Of those unloved. And like a witch For centuries You strangle those With jealousy. Giving birth to newer victims Of your own violence, That hides within a wisdom Of long lost silence, You thrive on their lives.
Destroying 05:55
Mourning 06:38
My brain devouring All that could have Happened between us. Sweet loss is sugar hard. A crystalline mesh. I wish nothing happened In the first place. A foundation for something Ruby-perfect. A programme-like precision But none of it intuitive. Feelings were telling me, Splitting the guts, Spilling the truth blood. The ruby-blood of my own sense Causes epilepsy in your eyes. The pink shade Stabbing my heart for never seeing them. I wish they wrapped me in my deathbed: A metaphor for my disillusioned femininity. A bird of freedom gulping down its own constraints. I wish it was easy, But until one of us faints, There are no winners. Choking on my own dignity, trying to swallow the insecurity, That is infinity. It gets harder to. It will never happen to you To see the dead bloom I’ve been keeping for you. It’s a shame it has to rejuvenate And conceal its fragility. But from whom??? There is not enough pills and powders To mask and hide your scars. I see through you as if you were glass, Blinded by the glossy reflections of your imperfections. I want to see myself But all I see is DEATH. The electricity of the dance floors Unravelling the most secret of tensions. The sacred darkness of been one And how it could be two or three or four. The romanticism of the unknown Blurring the most sober of visions. I wish it was two. I wish it was four. I wish it could be more. But as long as one of us Is swirled in confusion. It is only one. It was just once. It’s always been one. But for now, all I can do Is let my brain devour All that could have happened with two.


‘Rise of Andromeda’ is a concept album and the debut album of the upcoming local producer UVGLOV. Through it we witness the fictional character’s fall and rise. This journey unveils UVGLOV’s deeply complex idiosyncrasy. Dry beats, vocalised poetry, eerie synths and deep doom spaces are compiling a unique sonic journey with one goal, to immerse the listener into a different reality.

I scratch myself
In silent poetry.
They‘d say „yes“
To all my agony.

UVGLOV, or else Anastasia Dolitsay, is a multimedia artist and musician based in Cyprus. Originally from Russia, in her music she explores the duality of her background, while taking the audience on a journey of emotional states.


released April 10, 2020

Produced by Anastasia Dolitsay
Mixed & Mastered by Aristodemos
Artwork by Nikos Stephou


all rights reserved



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